Sonoma Creamery employees represent the company’s products through embodying an active and healthy lifestyle

By Gabrielle Delagnes

“With the fall weather and the leaves changing, this time of year is great to go out for a run and take in all the views,” said Sonoma Creamery employee Zoe.

“The nice views, the mountains in the background, and you also have the vineyards and grapes which makes it super picturesque.”

The scenic views are just one of the reasons why Zoe, a New Zealand native, decided to participate in the Run Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon.

“Everyone is friendly,” said Zoe, “it’s a great community.”

Zoe is Sonoma Creamery’s Quality Assurance Manager. She came to Sonoma in 2018 to start her career position at Sonoma Creamery and has been there ever since. Zoe is just one of three employees that are participating in the half marathon, as well as the 5K.

Zoe (left), Thalia (right)

With a company that produces a healthier kind of snack, it’s fitting that Sonoma Creamery has employees who share a passion for health and fitness.

“I like the active lifestyle, I like the competition, and Sonoma is my second home,” said Production Supervisor Thalia when asked why she likes to compete in local races.

Sonoma Creamery specializes in crunchy, high protein, low carb, natural cheese snacks. Being a proud sponsor of Motiv Sports, the company is thrilled to be supporting the race and providing products that support the racer’s healthy lifestyle.

“The cheese crisps are great,” said Financial Planning and Analysis Associate Jacob.

“It’s high in protein and low carb, no sugar. I probably don’t get enough salt so the amount is great for me.”

Jacob graduated from Sonoma Valley High in 2015 where he played basketball, football, and was on the wrestling team, but didn’t take up running until college. He had a friend who was an avid marathon runner and has been running alongside him the past couple of years.

Asked why he was excited to be participating in the Napa to Sonoma race, Jacob said, “It’s fun to have people you know come watch, and to run past the high school and areas that I’m familiar with.”

Sonoma Creamery will be handing out three flavors of their Cheese Crisps to all 4,300 racers at the finish line, including their participating employees.

“It’s a healthy snack,” said Thalia. “You can eat it because it’s nutritious and very good.”

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